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Storytellers Camp

Affordable access to unlimited streaming of courses.

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Data-Free Streaming

For a minimal fee at Play Partners you get access to unlimited streaming, so you can stop worrying about data and focus on learning.

Storytelling Content

Great collection of learning resources to get you started. Additionally gain access to original content offered by certain play partners.

High Speed + Low Cost

Say goodbye to buffering, we got speeds that will knock your socks off. Streaming 5 hours of high quality video with your data = $$. With that amount, Uppified Play = Unlimited streaming.


Earn UppifiedPoints and redeem for movie tickets, cameras or scholarship to a film school.


Uppified Play Access

Partner Program

Think Uber for content distribution. We are leveraging the concept of sharing economy to provide low cost access to Storytellers Camp. When you become a partner you make money from the fees users pay to gain access to Uppified Play.

Distribution Channel

If you produce original content, you can also use our platform for distribution. For example schools, fitness centers or churches can serve their original media through our platform leveraging our built-in user subscription platform.

Earning Opportunity

Uppified Play offers franchise opportunity. You make money when users subscribe through your center and when a user from your center wins our annual Master Storyteller award.

Increase Traffic

Businesses in the hospitality segment can leverage Uppified Play to boost traffic to their locations. A fastfood restaurant as a Play Partner is likely to attract more users to its location where it could benefit from cross platform marketing.

Rewards Conversion

For existing businesses, becoming a Play Partner offers the opportunity for your product or service to be included in our rewards marketplace. This offering creates an effective exchange for users to easily convert UppifiedPoints in exchange for your business.


Uppified Play Partner