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The Idea behind Storytellers Camp

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It’s 3:50 am in Southern California and I’m still awake not because I don’t value sleep but sleep has no place when you are aware of a kid somewhere who has suffered great devastation, a kid who now wakes up daily to question the meaning of life.
For years now since the insurgency, millions have been displaced, suffered lost and seen their lives turned upside down. In a few hours, I’ll be making a special presentation for NGOs involved with the rebuilding initiatives in NE Nigeria. I’m so thankful for the NGOs, Gov, Foreign Aid and everyone supporting the rebuilding initiatives in the region.
Rebuilding infrastructure is important but more important is the rebuilding of the human spirit. My heart is consumed with this cause and I’m thrilled to explore opportunities to bring storytelling into the rebuilding narrative, a narrative that could help in the healing process of the human spirit.


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